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Mold Production

Wax Injection & Assembly

Our pattern wax capabilities include 15 wax injection machines with from 10 to 100 Ton capacities.  All of our wax patterns are produced using 100% virgin wax.

Control of the wax pattern after injection using holding/setting fixtures enables us to routinely produce a dimensionally correct casting that requires very little straightening once in metal.

Our injection and assembly teams have extensive experience and expertise, many with more than 20 years here at Miller Castings.

Ceramic Shell

Ceramic shell build operations at Miller Castings are extensive. We have two basic shell systems, each with numerous variations that enable us to accept transfer work from other foundries with  minimal modifications needed.

We run two 100 lb, capacity Shell-O-Matic manipulators with a 1600 ft. conveyor system that has over 800 dip stations.  We also have a 250 lb, capacity manipulator with a conveyor and an additional 400 dip stations.

Dewax is accomplished using either a 48” steam autoclave or a Flash-Fire furnace. All patterns made from SLA (rapid prototype) or plastics are flash-fired.

Miller Castings is known throughout the investment casting industry for it’s expertise in “core packing” of sophisticated internal passageways where a pre-formed ceramic core may not be feasible.


Miller’s exceptional casting results come from our combination of experienced employees and top of the line equipment.  The core of our casting team have been working together for over 10 years and in the vacuum cast area, for as many as 20 years.

We are well equipped in the vacuum casting process with three melting units.  One induction vacuum furnace has a 250 lb, 28 inch diameter capacity.  We also have two induction vacuum furnaces that each has a 100 lb, 20 inch diameter capacity.

For the air melt casting process  we have three induction melting units; two 100 lb, induction furnaces and one 500 lb, tilt induction furnace.  We use the SPAL system (liquid Argon shield) for all air melt casting operations.

For aluminum casting we have two 600 lb, gas-fired melting units.

Burnout and preheat of molds prior to casting is done in eight gas fired ovens.  Two of which are Pacific Kiln Double Door ovens with afterburners.

In order to achieve product traceability, times and temperatures for both preheat ovens and melting furnaces are electronically monitored and stored for every mold cast.

Quality Precision Delivery

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