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Our Penetrant inspection facility is state-of-the-art and has been Nadcap approved since 2003.

Our Penetrant capabilities include:

  • Alkaline pre-clean system using DI water only.
  • High Temp dryer and cool down station prior to penetrant oil application.
  • Full part immersion Water Washable Liquid Penetrant, with sensitivity levels 2 & 3.
  • Post Emulsified, Hydrophilic, with sensitivity levels 2 & 3
  • Automatic rinse station.
  • Manual rinse station.
  • Eight foot Drying oven
  • Eight foot Dry Developer
  • Four Black Light inspection booths.
  • Four Level II inspectors.


Our x-ray department layout and cellular structure is a one-of-a-kind system that you won’t find in any other foundry and perhaps, any other industry today.  We have been Nadcap approved since 2003.

Our NDT staff is highly trained and due to our corporate culture of continuous improvement regularly advances their certification levels. Nearly every team member in our NDT area is certified to at least a Level I, with most being level II, and several more able to step up to Level III as our needs dictate.  We currently have two ASNT certified Level III’s on staff.

Radiography capabilities include:

  • Eight x-ray cells each with x-ray machines and  Level II film interpreters
  • Ability to x-ray up to 1” of steel.
  • Stainless steel, Inconel, Cobalt and Aluminum capabilities.
  • Four film processors in our state-of-the-art dark room,
  • Streamlined film retrieval and distribution to cells to achieve the utmost in efficiency.


In-process gauge inspection is done on every part we produce.  Customer specified or Miller identified critical dimensions are checked, verified and worked in conjunction with our Straightening department.  Very minor “cold tune-up” is usually all that is required due in most part to the extensive precautions taken while still in wax.

Visual Inspection

Miller Castings has extensive inspection capabilities, including:

  • Boroscope
  • Air Flow (sub-sonic)
  • pressure tests
  • ultrasonic thickness testing (wall thickness).
  • Ball checks
  • Complete part marking per customer specifications.

For each P/N, we put individual “Technique” sheets in place. These are specific to each “Inspection” operation and ensure compliance with customer specifications and requirements.

Dimensional Inspection-Layout

Miller’s post cast dimensional inspection capabilities are exceptional and extensive. We have five CMM machines to insure dimensional acceptance;  one Metris CNC run by Camio Studio V4.6 software for Touch Probe with Focus Inspection V9.0 software for the Laser Scanner, one Mitutoyo CNC Crysta Apex 776 run by M-Cosmos 3 V2.4 software, as well as three Manual Mitutoyo machines run by M-Cosmos 1 V2.4 software.

In addition we utilize SPC techniques, using Measure Link V6.0 software.

Our Airfoils are inspected using a Deltronic DH 216 optical comparator with an MPC200 Digital reader.

Quality Precision Delivery

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