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Miller Castings has the technical expertise and experience to produce some of the worlds most complicated geometric shapes.  We work in all varieties of stainless steel, nickel- and cobalt-based super-alloys and aluminum..

Concurrent Engineering

Miller Castings provides integrated engineering assistance during product design and development. This enhances cast-ability, lowers costs, and in many cases, allows us to convert a multi piece component to a single casting.

Rapid Prototyping:

Miller Castings, working closely with several local shops, can provide rapid prototype (SLA) castings within days.  These castings save time and expense by reducing the number of iterations in the design process.  But most importantly, rapid prototype castings provide proof of design before incurring the expense of hard tooling.

New Tooling

We also work closely with several local tool and die shops in the Los Angeles area who provide us with top quality wax injection tooling and fixtures at a very competitive price.

Transfer Tooling:

With our diverse shell building capabilities, we can readily accept wax tooling transferred from other casting houses.  In most cases with very little or no expensive tooling corrections needed.

Data Transfer:

Miller Castings can accommodate customer data in multiple formats:

EDI                                         IGES STL/Pro-E

IGS                                         SFX/CV Files


Quality Precision Delivery

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